Silver Plating, An Overview

Microns: Amount of silver deposited on the metal to be plated, thickness. One micron equals one millionth of a meter. The lower the micron the lesser the amount of silver plate.

Mepra Raffaello

How long the silver plate will last is dependent on two factors:

1- The higher the micron the longer it will stay plated as the deposit / thickness is higher. A lesser micron will “fade” faster as the thickness of the micron is lesser.

The French restaurant and hospitality standard for silver plating is 33 microns. Brands that sell into the home market plate at 67 microns. The home market also plates at 4 to 5 microns on the lower end of the scale.

Lesser quality brands offer 6 Microns and quote based on that amount of silver plate.

Average Silver Plate Micron timetable for product use:

20 Microns: Should last 8-10 years of daily use

12 Microns: Should last 3- 4 years of daily use

6 Microns: One year of daily use or three to four years if used once a week. Ideally suited for rental or event companies.

2- The quality of the flatware and hollowware prior to plating will determine the quality of the finished plating. Mepra has very strict quality standards which ensure the pieces are in perfect condition prior to plating, achieving superior plating results.

*Since the blade of knives is made out of chrome rather than stainless steel (due to serration) only the handle is silver plated. The silver does not adhere to the blades. This is an industry standard.

**Burnishing can wear silver plating off at an incremental rate over a period of time. Hand polishing is always recommended.


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